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The complete world of electronics and relays ABB's line of Electronics and relays offers a full range of electrical control and automation components for switch and control equipment. CM series monitoring relay, complete function, to meet all kinds of monitoring requirements, product types and specifications. It can be used to monitor electric parameters such as current, voltage, phase sequence, insulation, etc. . Temperature, liquid level, motor load and PTC temperature. CT-E type can be used to set a single delay time range, output 1C / O contacts, eXCELLENT COST-EFFECTIVENESS CT-S has a wide time range (0.05s ~ 100h, 2c-o output contacts, more widely used CT-D compact shape, up to 2c-o output contacts, 17.5 mm width is particularly suitable for installation in building distribution cabinets. All Time relays are time-calibrated for direct reading, simple operation and accurate product types: • single-phase monitoring relay • three-phase monitoring relay • ungrounded power supply system insulation monitoring relay • thermistor motor Protective relay level monitoring relay

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