LED vehicle headlight driver solution based on Infineon TLD5541

Release time: 2021-09-15

Infineon TLD5541's new low-cost LED headlight solution. Automotive halogen headlights have the disadvantages of high power consumption, low brightness, low durability, and xenon headlights have the disadvantages of poor concentrating, poor penetration, and delay effects. With the continuous advancement of technology, halogen lamps and xenon lamps can no longer meet the growing needs of people. LED headlights have been characterized by high brightness, low power consumption, long life, small size and fast response, and have been gradually accepted by the market. LED headlights outperform traditional halogen and xenon lamps in all aspects, and with the mature LED process technology, lower prices, and global demand for energy saving and emission reduction, automotive exterior lighting will gradually move closer to LEDs. As for LED power, pulse width modulation (PWM) is superior to linear driving based on luminous efficiency considerations.
Infineon's new low-cost LED headlight solution uses Infineon's next-generation driver chip TLD5541-1QV+ePower Microcontroller TLE9845QX. The TLD5541-1QV is an H-Bridge DC-DC pulse width adjustment type of vehicle light control solution that supports constant voltage and current control. The external H-Bridge circuit is used to implement the buck-boost topology to control the load. LED.
In addition, the TLD5541-1QV features automatic extended spectrum, soft start, high efficiency (96%), and low system cost. In addition, the TLD5541-1Q integrates over-temperature, over-voltage, and no-load protection. The controller can control and diagnose the load through the SPI bus. The TLE9845QX adopts the Cortex-M0 core, integrates LIN and power switchers, and has rich internal resources. It is a high-performance microprocessor designed for automotive applications. . This solution can be applied to automotive high beam, low beam, AUX, indicator lights, daytime running lights / position lights.