Adapted smart speaker solution

Release time: 2021-09-15

In the era of the Internet, the concept of smart home has been more and more accepted by the people; the current intelligent voice control scheme is increasingly sought after by major manufacturers, and each family began to launch their own smart speakers to gain access to traffic.
The 04EMCP04-NL3DM627 is recommended for smart speaker solutions. It has 4BG of storage space and 4Gb of LPDDR3. The DDR part uses low-power DDR3 and can run at up to 1600Mbps. EMMC has 4GB of storage space, and the unique SLC buffer technology greatly improves the speed of writing; the write sequential speed reaches 250MB/s, and the write Sequential speed reaches 25MB/s. Kingston's exclusive FW control mechanism perfectly handles GC, WL, ECC and other related issues; the test life test in the laboratory can reach 4.0TB