Enterprise recruitment


Harmonic Reducer, Servo Sales

Department: R&D Department

Block B 402, Huakai

1-3 year



Recruit 1 Persons

Dongguan Kefu Electronics Co., Ltd,Harmonic Reducer, Servo Sales

Job Description:

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist superior leaders in formulating annual, quarterly and monthly sales plans and distributor management systems, and formulate personal sales plans;

2. Be responsible for the development, development and maintenance of key customers, and publicize and promote the brand of the company.

3. Be responsible for the sales of key customers and achieve personal sales objectives;

4. Responsible for collecting market information, coordinating customers and factories, looking for multiple channels to obtain market-related information;

5. Responsible for the promotion of the company's products to customers, in accordance with the company's marketing plan, responsible for coordinating and participating in the implementation of key customer sales companies;

6. Participate in after-sales service, be responsible for customer delivery tracking, and make timely corrections and preventive measures for abnormal conditions;

7. Do other work temporarily assigned by the company.