Enterprise recruitment


Hardware Engineer

Department: R&D Department

Dongguan Kefu

1-3 year



Recruit 2 Persons

Dongguan Kefu Electronics Co., Ltd,Hardware Engineer

Job Description:

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in power, communication and automation, with a certain digital analog circuit foundation.

2. More than two years of relevant work experience, strong hands-on ability.

3. Proficient in C language, familiar with C language programming, understanding assembly language;

4. Familiar with one or more MCU and its peripheral circuit design.

5. Skilled in application development software for circuit design (PCB design of layer 2 or above) and MCU programming;

Position treatment:

1. Reasonable and generous salary: basic salary performance bonus, various kinds of subsidies, year-end bonus, excellent staff incentive bonus, etc.

2. Perfect combination of holidays: paid annual holidays, paid sick holidays, statutory holidays, etc.

3. Complete welfare system: six insurance and one fund;

4. Rich and colorful staff activities: staff dinner, Festival party, tourism activities, outstanding staff recognition activities, vacation leisure and recreational activities;

5. Good promotion channels: horizontal development and vertical promotion of paid training.